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Who We Are


Cromach is a community coastal group set up to improve the coastal and marine habitat around our community. We are set up and run by the community for the community. We are also members of the Coastal Community Network, Ourseas Coalition and Rewilding Alliance. This allows us to feed a local voice into a national conversation about marine habitat protection and restoration. 

What We Do

CROMACH's aims are


To encourage and promote sustainable use of local waters for recreation, fishing and other marine activities.


To promote and carry out research, surveys and investigations of the local marine environment.


To involve the community, to raise awareness of marine issues and related cultural heritage



To educate and involve younger members of the community 



To protect and allow recovery of biodiversity and natural processes in Loch Craignish, the Sound of Jura and the Firth of Lorn, the seas of Scotland and the wider marine environment.


How we achieve our aims:

Marine Restoration Projects

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