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Craignish Restoration of Marine & Coastal Habitats


Please find the results of our community survey about our Loch. The next stage is to start consulting on a Demonstration and Research MPA. If you have any questions:

Craignish Restoration of Marine and Coastal Habitats (CROMACH) is a community group based in Loch Craignish on the west coast of Scotland that encourages effective marine management. We are part of the national Coastal Communities Network 


Cromach and Seawilding

We often get asked about the difference between Cromach and Seawilding. 

Seawilding was born out of Cromach. Cromach is a coastal community group with the intention of being a voice for the community in any decisions that might affect the health of the local loch and coastline. It's also tasked with advocating the environmental restoration of both the loch and coastline. Hence our work on trying to get MPA status for Loch Craignish. However Cromach is not a charity, so once Cromach had decided it wanted to get more involved in marine habitat restoration, Cromach members needed to set up a charity that could raise funds to do marine habitat restoration work. Therefore Seawilding was created.


Projects & Events

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Who are we?

About our group and what we are trying to do


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