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Activities and Events


Oyster Reintroduction

Oysters are ecosystem engineers and a very very important part of a healthy marine habitat, unfortunately there are very few native oysters left in our Loch. So we have partnered with Seawilding to restore native oysters to Loch Craignish


Seagrass Restoration

Seagrass is an amazing ecosystem, crucial for lots of species and a sequester of incredible amounts of Carbon! Find out what our charity Seawilding is doing to restore this amazing plant.


Hope Spot

Hope Spot

As part of Mission Blue's international effort to identify marine conservation hope spots, we are in the process of applying for the UK's very first. More information to follow as we find out if we were successful.




We reply to many many consultations on behalf of our community. We will link all consultations here on our website and provide our responses so you too can get involved.

Click here for latest consultation


MPA expansion

CROMACH are committed to expanding the flapper skate MPA into Loch Craignish. Numerous flapper skate egg cases have been found in the loch and we are embarking on a new project to prove the skate regularly use the loch. If you wish to help with this please get in touch. If you find an egg case in  or around Loch Craignish please log here:


Dredging and Trawling

Cromach are part of a major group of marine stakeholders who now think we need to end illegal dredgeing and reform the whole industry either through strict legislation or the reinstatement of the 3 nautical mile limit. To find out more click here


Fish Farm Reform

Cromach are compaigning on behalf of the community to see major reforms to the way fish farms are run. We believe due to climate change, feed stocks, lice issues and chemical and faeces pollutants fish farms must be closed contained systems. To find out more please refer to the Coastal Communities website ,which we are part of, aquaculture section

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